.MyTopFace Feature.

About one month ago I received a DM on Instagram from MyTopFace. They wanted to feature and collaborate with ME! ME – the girl who started TheDermDiva only one short year ago. The girl who had a crazy list of goals and achieved them in only three months. Someone pinch me! #girlboss#womenwhowork#goalsetter 

I reached out to them immediately and told them YES – THIS GIRL WAS INTERESTED! Here we are two weeks later after the feature/interview.

MyTopFace had their #beautyexpert contact me, and we did a FaceTime consult prior to the appointment. We chatted about what the day would entail and all the little details to make the collaboration perfect!

The Mytopface beauty expert took the train from NYC to my Smithtown office for the big day.  At 2PM we started; VOILA it was show time.  Of course this #dermdiva had her beauty must-haves: a pair of my favorite Valentino Rockstuds, perfect silky waves and killer makeup. I felt glamorous and like a total DIVA (naturally.)

My amazing medical assistant did all the necessary pictures and consent forms prior to the interview. The objective was that I would perform cosmetic procedures on MK and she would write not only our interview, but her overall experience. No pressure…lol. MTF beauty expert and I decided to do some lip filler and cheek augmentation – two of my favorite cosmetic procedures! Numbing cream was added to the treatment areas for approximately 20-30 minutes. First up were her lips. Time for the DermDiva #perfectpout.

Juvederm ready!

Her lips were cleaned thoroughly with alcohol. Here’s a before picture. She already had beautiful lips. Just a little filler to give more symmetry and volume for complete perfection!



After using just 1mL syringe of JuvedermXC I created the perfect pout πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’‰πŸ‘„

Before/Immediately After

Totally photo worthy!


After treating The MyTopFace beauty experts lips numbing cream was applied to her midface for approximately 20 minutes. I used two syringes of Voluma to create absolute DIVA contoured cheeks. The NTF beauty expert loves makeup (like myself) so this was a perfect treatment for her face to look even more ideal. Needless to say we were both in LOVE with the final result! 


Before/After cheek augmentation


I don’t want to spoil the entire interview for all of you #dermdivas so instead of writing aboutIf you want to learn MORE about my feature or if you want to read the entire interview click HERE!



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