.Nude Lips Are Everything.

 I love makeup. I cannot walk into Ulta Beauty or Sephora without buying a new lip gloss or eyeshadow.  That is exactly what happened when I walked into Ulta Beauty the other day.  A few lipsticks and a new lip exfoiliant later and I was on my way home.  I could not wait to try them out!

Lately I have been suffering with severe chapped lips.  The dryness was causing my lipstick to look terrible! When I spotted Tarte Maracuja Lip Exfoliant I knew I had to have it. Good old #aquaphor just wasn’t cutting it anymore. My trick with the #tartemaracujalipexfoliant is to put it on both lips and rub in a circular motion. Let it sit.  Ladies (and gents!) — you NEED to do this last step. It is perfection and it WORKS. Using a *clean* mascara wand gently exfoliate the lips. Voila! Chapped, dry lips are gone. I would rate the product an A+.  Did I mention it smells amazing, too?

Nude lips are totally in.  Nude lip sticks, lip glosses, stains. I. WANT. IT. ALL. I bought a few (okay 5) to try out. I paired a few different shades together from Tarte and Urban Decay for the perfect blush/nude shades.

My last purchase on this particular shopping spree (hehe) was a matte liquid lipstick by Smashbox in the color “In Demand.”  I needed something to wear while at work that I could keep in my white coat pocket, and also wouldn’t fade after an hour.  Smashbox promises a “fresh and flawless look for up to 8 hours.” I would rate this product an A-.  I am not in love with the color unless I use a lipgloss on top of it.  Also, I am not sure if it stays on for a full 8 hours.

I hope this post was a #nudespiration for your lips! Be sure to check out my latest blog post where I talk all about #lipfillers!