When I was 12 years old my mom took me to get my eyebrows waxed for the first time.  I remember asking her if it hurt with her answer being “no.” I am forever thankful for that moment because what middle school girl wanted to walk around with bushy eyebrows? Even if it did hurt it was worth the pain. At the age of 20 I discovered threading through a friend. Her eyebrows were always perfect (before the Kim. K days) and I figured I’d try it.  Did it hurt? Absolutely. Was it worth it? Yes! With that tiny thread they are able to get the perfect shape – the perfect arch.  Like many other beauty things I was hooked. Every two weeks (I am Italian – they grow fast!) I would go to the threading salon and for $7 I would walk out with killer eyebrows. I was always complimented on them and I rarely used an eyebrow pencil.

I’ll just get to the point. I made a mistake and let someone at a nail salon wax my eyebrows (EEK) because I couldn’t get to the threading salon. Being #thedermdiva I used my resources and tried different remedies, but nothing was working. My eyebrows had no shape, weren’t growing in the right way, and were unable to look good even with Anastasia’s #browwiz.  It is SO true when they say your eyebrows shape your face because.  I felt like my facial features were off, and my makeup looked terrible. I started looking into the latest eyebrow trend-microblading. It was definitely going to be an investment because every place I was looking into charged on average $600 and you would need a touch up within 2-3 months. After searching and searching I found BROWSBYEYE who specializes in 3-D Organic Microblading. We scheduled a time to meet at her Great Neck, NY location for a consultation and treatment.

What is #microblading you might ask? I will quote and give credit to Eve as she explains it perfectly on her website:

“Microblading, also known as Eyebrow Embroidery is a procedure categorized under permanent makeup, but unlike traditional cosmetic tattooing, it is less invasive and is considered semi-permanent. Microblading typically lasts 1-3 years, depending on skin type and skincare routine. The procedure is done by using a hand tool with ultra fine needles and each ‘hair’ is gently etched into the skin, giving an incredibly natural and realistic look.”

Eve agreed that my eyebrows were way too thin for my face and asymmetrical. Within an hour that all changed and I couldn’t be happier. Take a look at some of the pictures and videos from my day with the fabulous BROWSBYEVE

A few things to mention: 

  • A clean face prior to the procedure is a must! 
  • No topical acne treatments (differing gel, tretinoin, retin-a, salicylic acid, etc.) or chemical peels at least 1 week prior to the procedure.
  • No neuromodulator treatment (Botox, Dysport) for at least 3 weeks prior. 



 Prior to the procedure Eve uses a topical numbing cream (lidocaine) and leaves it on for about 20 minutes. After the eyebrows feel nice and tingly it’s time to create the perfect brow! Eve created a template by drawing on my eyebrows, and then matched the correct pigment. Once the pigment was a match (‘espresso’ was mine) she tints the eyebrows by leaving the ink sit on the eyebrows for a few minutes.



​Once the brows were a perfect shade it was time to start to process! I was prepared for Eve to use a hand-held machine almost like my microneedling pen. When she started I was shocked! Picture a sterile blade inserted to the top of a handle. Yep, I know. Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt. Remember the numbing cream that you read about? I barely felt each stroke of the blade. That’s exactly what she does – she creates strokes with the pigment. Watch the video below to see my microblading in action!  

This process is done three times. Between each treatment Eve left more pigment on my brows. 

They already looked amazing after the second treatment!

The whole process took about an hour. I was so eager to look at my new brows once we were finished. The final result did not disappoint! 

Now as you can see they looked EXTREMELY dark when I left.

 Don’t panic! It is totally normal for your brows to look this way.  They will appear darker for the first few days. After about a five days they will scab, and by a week or so they will look natural and FLAWLESS. 

When I see this picture I ask myself WHY I waited this long. Anyone can do microblading regardless of skin complexion. Eve did say those with a darker complextipn may need two touch up appointments instead of one. 

After microblading your eyebrows may be sore, and you may notice a tiny amount of blood after gently washing your face. Try not to get them wet immediately after, and do not use harsh facial products. I used Aquaphor on my brows while they were scabbing which helped with the mild itching. The better you take care of your new brows the longer they will last. Make sure to wear SPF daily as the sun can make the pigment fade quicker. 

I highly recommend Eve. She is great at what she does and truly enjoys her work. In fact she started doing this because someone very close to her lost all of their hair from chemotherapy treatment. She got her license so she could not only treat her beloved family member, but others who were receiving chemotherapy treatment at the same office. How amazing is that? 

Be sure to check out her Instagram by searching BROWSBYEVE and by clicking HERE to visit her website! You will find all her contact information on her website so you, too can schedule your microblading appointment! 

I will make sure to post my new eyebrows as time goes on.  In a few months I will need to go back for my final touch up. Stay tuned! 



BTW-I am getting SO many compliments again about my new eyebrows! 

.MyTopFace Feature.

About one month ago I received a DM on Instagram from MyTopFace. They wanted to feature and collaborate with ME! ME – the girl who started TheDermDiva only one short year ago. The girl who had a crazy list of goals and achieved them in only three months. Someone pinch me! #girlboss#womenwhowork#goalsetter 

I reached out to them immediately and told them YES – THIS GIRL WAS INTERESTED! Here we are two weeks later after the feature/interview.

MyTopFace had their #beautyexpert contact me, and we did a FaceTime consult prior to the appointment. We chatted about what the day would entail and all the little details to make the collaboration perfect!

The Mytopface beauty expert took the train from NYC to my Smithtown office for the big day.  At 2PM we started; VOILA it was show time.  Of course this #dermdiva had her beauty must-haves: a pair of my favorite Valentino Rockstuds, perfect silky waves and killer makeup. I felt glamorous and like a total DIVA (naturally.)

My amazing medical assistant did all the necessary pictures and consent forms prior to the interview. The objective was that I would perform cosmetic procedures on MK and she would write not only our interview, but her overall experience. No pressure…lol. MTF beauty expert and I decided to do some lip filler and cheek augmentation – two of my favorite cosmetic procedures! Numbing cream was added to the treatment areas for approximately 20-30 minutes. First up were her lips. Time for the DermDiva #perfectpout.

Juvederm ready!

Her lips were cleaned thoroughly with alcohol. Here’s a before picture. She already had beautiful lips. Just a little filler to give more symmetry and volume for complete perfection!

After using just 1mL syringe of JuvedermXC I created the perfect pout 🙌🏼💉👄

Before/Immediately After

Totally photo worthy!


After treating The MyTopFace beauty experts lips numbing cream was applied to her midface for approximately 20 minutes. I used two syringes of Voluma to create absolute DIVA contoured cheeks. The NTF beauty expert loves makeup (like myself) so this was a perfect treatment for her face to look even more ideal. Needless to say we were both in LOVE with the final result! 

Before/After cheek augmentation


I don’t want to spoil the entire interview for all of you #dermdivas so instead of writing aboutIf you want to learn MORE about my feature or if you want to read the entire interview click HERE!



.Shop: Skin Care Must Haves.

Hi DermDivas!

Today I will be comparing my favorite must have skin care products.  These products can be purchased by clicking the links below or just click here to shop my Instagram looks!

You don’t need to leave the house and they will be sent directly to you! Can you say score?

Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Foam Wash • Cetaphil • $13.99  SIMPLE. NON-DRYING. OIL CONTROL. I recommend this facial cleanser to ALL of my acne patients! I can’t lie – I LOVE this product and use during the week.  It makes my skin feel SO CLEAN! Thanks #galderma for an awesome product!

SkinMedica Facial Cleanser • Skinmedica • $38  SAFE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES. Oily skin? Dry skin? No problem! Works to rid dirt, oils and makeup. Perfect to use twice a day as part of your daily regimen.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturizing Gel • Neutrogena • $17.99  LIGHTWEIGHT. HYDRATING. NON-GREASY. Awesome moisturizer to use daily before you put your makeup on or before going to sleep. Does not make your skin feel sticky. Perfect OTC product if you are new to the skin care world, and looking for something easy to use everyday. Won’t break the bank (WBTB) either!

HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator • Skinmedica • $178  A TRUE HYALURONIC ACID. Did you know #hyaluronicacid is naturally found in our skin? By 50 we can lose up to 40% of natural HA. This product leaves you skin feeling supple, plump and rejuvinated. Perfect for that #dermdiva who is looking for an anti-aging product to help stimulate new HA production.

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic • Skinceuticals • $163  VITAMINS C, E AND FERULIC ACID. Trifecta of antioxidants which prevent anti-aging. Helps reduct pigmentation from sun damage. Comes in a cute bottle with a fancy dropper. Rich, hydrating and perfect for nighttime use.

Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum • Skinmedica • $154  THE “NO HYDROQUINONE” PRODUCT. I have used Lytera in the past , but SkinMedica has recently launched Lytera 2.0. This pigment corrector is safe to use on all skin types.  I noticed results in as little as 2 weeks! Perfect for any #dermdiva who is not into serums. Use twice a day (before makeup in the AM, after washing face in the PM) for best results.

Clinique Limited-Edition Jumbo All About Eyes Rich • Clinique • $53  PERFECT NON-MEDICAL GRADE EYE CREAM. Moisturizing, super rich product. Great for first time eye cream users. May not be for that #dermdiva with extra puffiness after a long night out. Overall a great first step in the anti-aging eye cream world. Another WBTB score!

SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair® • Skinmedica • $102  ANTI-AGING. HA. VITAMINS A, C AND E. Anti-aging eye cream in ONE bottle. Best of the best. Fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles be gone! A must have for any #dermdiva who wants to increase collagen, elasticity and reduce signs of aging. #tgfskinmedica

These last four products are ones that patients have tried and loved or skincare tools for everyday use. No comparison to other products; just ones that are needed in your medicine cabinet!

SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum® • Skinmedica • $281  PRICEY – BUT WORTH IT. For that #dermdiva who has already tried OTC products that just aren’t cutting it. Eye cream, day cream and night time in one bottle. The fine line and wrinkle fighter. Another #tgfskinmedica product.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion • Mario Badescu • $17  BLEMISH BE GONE! Salicylic Acid + calming calamine creates the perfect combination to get rid of that pimple fast. Many of my patients swear by this product! Personally, I like our SDG Clear Clinic “Vanished” because I can throw it in my bag, there is an easy to use applicator, and I know it works!

SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 • Skinceuticals • $125 WINTER DRY SKIN CURE. Omg – have you ever put your foundation on (shop my favorite foundation here) and your face looks super dry and flaky? I have been experiencing that all winter until I started using this amazing product. Rich and EXTRA moisturizing, but does not clog pores! A winter must have!

Clarisonic Smart Profile(TM) Set • clarisonic • $199 ON SALE! 33% OFF! BUY NOW! Have you been wanting to try a #clarisonicproduct but not sure which one? Look no further. This Smart Profile set by Clarisonic is perfect! It will remove dirt, oils and your makeup without stripping your skin of natural oils. Even better this product is ON SALE! CLICK FAST — you don’t want to wait too long and miss out!

Thanks for checking out my favorite skin care products! Throughout the year I change my regimens because my skin becomes more dry or more oily from the weather. I will be sure to share those tips throughout the next few months with you all!



PS. If you are interested in chatting more about skin care or how to fight anti-aging comment below! If you live in the NY-Long Island area you can always make an appointment with me in my Smithtown office! I’d love to meet you and chat about all things beauty+dermatology!

.Get rid of Acne FAST: All about Acne Light Therapy Treatments.

Today’s post will be featuring the latest acne treatment options that can help reduce breakouts STAT! Who has time for a stubborn pimple anyway? From a work event to a first date I can get rid of that blemish ASAP!

Acne light therapy treatment AKA “red/blue light” is used in my practice to speed up the acne treatment process. There is barely any down time and it’s virtually painless! I will take you step by step through what this treatment is, why we use it, and how it can benefit your skin!

Red/Blue light is a LED therapy that benefits patients who have acne prone skin (think: oily skin, inflamed pimples, etc.) The treatment is broken down into two – 15 minute sessions. The first 15 minutes is a blue light that helps kill the Propioni­bacterium acnes, (P. acnes) bacteria found in our oil glands that cause pimples. The last 15 minutes is a bright red light (infrared) that minimally heats the skin, decreases the size of our oil glands, and eliminates inflammation (bye bye redness!) For best results the treatment should be performed at least twice a week.   This acne light therapy is safe to use with any topical or oral acne treatment regimen.  In fact, I even recommend this to my isotretinoin (accutane) patients! I love this treatment because it can be done during a lunch break or before/after school.

Our Red/Blue light machine

Prior to starting the area being treated is cleansed with alcohol. The patient is then given goggles to wear during the half hour procedure for eye protection.  The LED panel is then placed approximately 1-2 centimeters over the body treatment area (such as face, back and chest.)  The settings are set and the patient is ready to go! So easy, right?

LED panel

We can also use the blue light by itself for a procedure called Photodynatic Therapy.  PDT is used with a medication called levulan ( 5-aminolevulinic Acid.) This is a very effective treatment for patients who have moderate to severe acne.  Typically patients will need a series of treatments for optimal results.

First, the area is cleansed with acetone at least 2 times to remove any dirt or oils. Next, the photosensitive agent levulan is applied to the area affected with acne for an incubation period.  The incubation period ranges from as little as 15 minutes to as long as 45 minutes depending on skin type and number of treatment sessions.  After the incubation period patients are given goggles to wear, and are then placed under the blue light for 15 minutes. Post procedure it is VERY important to stay out of the sun for at least three days.  It is also important to wear SPF (I love EltaMD UV Clear) stop all topical acne treatments, and wash your skin with gentle cleansers twice a day. Patients should expect redness, dryness, and peeling of the skin post procedure.

Companies such as Neutrogena have come out with #athome light therapy treatments.  The question is always asked – what’s the difference? Naturally in-office treatments have stronger LED capabilities and depth. What’s the cost of #redbluelight treatment you might ask? It will vary from office to office as it is not covered by insurance. In my Smithtown office I charge my patients $150.00 per session.

If you are someone who has a lot of redness on the face, cysts that are painful and won’t go away or even just one or two white heads THIS TREATMENT IS FOR YOU!

Wishing all of my #dermdivas a great Monday!



PS. Acne light therapy is in People Magazine ! Take a look at this article that features Dr. Schweiger!

.JLO. One word – flawless.

Everyone is talking about last night’s Grammy Awards; from Beyoncé to Adele and everything in between. My focus is always on the pre-show because I love to see the gowns! This year my favorite dress was worn by the ONE and ONLY J.Lo

Who can forget the dress she wore (think back to the Bennifer days) when she was nominated for her first Grammy. The (in) famous dress was talked about for months! I had the pleasure of seeing that dress up close this summer when I saw her in concert in Las Vegas.  The Versace gown was perfectly displayed in a glass case for all to see. #girlcrushmoment

Fast forward to 2017.  Once again J.Lo has stunned us all over by wearing beautiful fuscia pink gown by Ralph&Russo. BTW – this gown just hit the couture runway two weeks ago!

(Photo by John Shearer/WireImage)

The one thing that amazes me about “Jenny from the Block” is how she has not aged. Personally I think she looks better NOW then she did 10 years ago! Mix good genes+ a killer workout routine+amazing anti-aging skin care regimen and we have the 2017 Jennifer Lopez.

I read a great article this morning about Jennifer Lopez and her Grammy makeup look. Her makeup artist @1maryphillips posted all the makeup that was used on J.Lo last night on her IG account.  After work today I am running – not walking – to purchase the $12.00 foundation and every L’Oréal Paris product used last night. Obviously a future blog post will follow!

Wishing all of you #dermdivas out there a fabulous Monday!

Be sure to keep checking back for the latest tips on all things beauty+dermatology!